Inspiration is everywhere. We found it in Shropshire.

Architecture, Heritage, Industry, Rustic, Picturesque.

We want to celebrate the beautiful county that inspired our unique collection of Ironmongery. Shropshire is the birth place of the industrial revolution and production of iron. Our Shropshire range incorporates hand filed textures and dynamic arrow shapes to reflect Britain's great industrial past. The products within the range are carefully chosen to reference the county's more traditional market town charm.

The Shropshire Thumb Latch is the title piece of its range. Typically used on planked doors its imposing size, elegant shape and period features create a statement in any room.


The Shropshire look is bursting with character and offers a more dynamic and unique alternative to standard traditional ironmongery. This collection is at home in a period property but is also perfect for creating a statement in a more contemporary setting.

All the pieces within the Shropshire range are made from solid steel, giving them strength and durability. The collection's unique angular edges and fine textured detail are created by hand, using forging and filing techniques. The products are then carefully finished in Mottled Pewter, giving them depth and revealing the layers of flecked textures within the steel.


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