Rome is the home of style. Famous for its food, shoes, architecture and brass ware and of course lots of lovely knockers!


You cannot fail to be inspired by its rich design heritage and on a recent first trip to the city I wanted to capture the essence of this by focusing on one small element; door knockers.

Rome is unique and boasts buildings of every period since BC. Italy's capital is a feast for all the senses. Not just lovely pizzas and antipasti with cool prosecco but beautiful palazzos and piazzas abound.


Heading towards St Peters Square I made a detour through the Botanical Garden. The air was heady with the scent of jasmine clinging to many buildings in the narrow back streets and I was surprised at how green the City is. Homes sit between university buildings, bars and cafés. Busy but unpretentious and relaxed. There are monuments and obelisks around every corner and of course door knockers a plenty!

Every knocker is a piece of art and pure craftsmanship. They sit proudly at the centre of each entrance door and set the tone for what might be on the other side!